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From the best street tacos – you come to us, to the best modern Mexican cuisine, we come to you – Mr. Mesquite Taqueria will take care of your needs! Phoenix Mexican food and Phoenix catering, we have you covered for both!

Are you looking for the best street food in town? Do you want something quick, absolutely delicious and available when you are hungry? Then, you found us, Mr. Mesquite Taqueria.

We offer you this – simplicity meets delicious food! Our meats are grilled on  our mesquite grills, and served to you fresh and fast.  Our name says who we are “Mr. Mesquite”.  We are proud of our loyal customers who keep coming back for more, and bringing their friends along with them!

We specialize in modern Mexican cuisine, with a twist.  Our reputation is built on our mouthwatering street tacos, burritos, quesadillas and bowls. Then, head over to the condiment area where we have red salsa, green salsa, pickled onions, fresh Pico de Gallo, cabbage and limes.

Keeping a simple menu is what makes us who we are, and it’s what is the key to our success.

Mr. Mesquite Taqueria began in Old Town Scottsdale, dedicated to one thing – providing the BEST street food possible to meet late night appetites. Brothers Naser and Ahmad Alatrash knew they wanted to create their own business and this was a great model.  Naser was familiar with the atmosphere and felt there was a niche for a walk-up street taco stand.  They took one of the smallest spaces available, and created a single room store front where you could see the food being prepared, right in front of you…fast and fresh. No need to pull out a cart, or try to find food truck parking on the street, it was right there, ready to serve, from 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 a.m.  They made the right decision, and it was a success from the very beginning.

Soon it was booming and they had a great following among the late-night visitors to the Old Town nightclub area.  They also created a following among those who worked in the businesses, as a place to find quick and fresh lunches or the street tacos to take home (or call for delivery through one of the online delivery services.)

In November, 2016 the newest location, by the Harkins Theatres in North Phoenix/Scottsdale opened.  The brothers decided to expand on the concept and created a fast-casual restaurant with seating.  You still see the open mesquite grills and can watch as they adjust them up and down for just the right heat on the chicken and beef.

The menu will always have their street tacos, and has been expanded to include burritos; burrito bowls and salads – all still cooked in their Modern Mexican style. And yes, all locations have “$2.00 Taco Tuesday” street tacos.

We are not done with our current expansion, there are two more locations under contract.  We are targeting our ground breaking in 4th quarter of 2017, watch our website for the future locations.

What else is ahead for Mr. Mesquite Taqueria?  Our mission is to have our fresh street tacos in every major city in the United States.  We are developing our franchise model and are accepting applications for this expansion.

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